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Shore coconut oil as a balm for troubled skin

Shore coconut oil as a balm for troubled skin

Coconut oil has long been recognised as an extremely effective way to hydrate parched skin. It contains none of the unpleasant additives that can irritate sensitive skin, and no petroleum-based ingredients or water. While drinking water is essential for hydration and health, as an ingredient in moisturiser it is decidedly lacking; on application it will make your skin feel great, but once the water content in the product has dried, your skin will once again require hydration. Petroleum-based products are another product that can feel good but, regrettably, will not have a long-lasting impact upon parched skin. Furthermore, petroleum products can cause pores to block, leading to unpleasant blemishes and acne. Coconut oil, on the other hand, can help your skin without any unfortunate side effects. If you suffer from skin irritation or skin conditions, it may be the solution you are looking for.

Psoriasis and dermatitis conditions

Coconut oil naturally contains some great skin soothing ingredients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and lauric acid (shown to have anti-bacterial qualities). While you should always contact your doctor if you’re in any doubt about skin rashes and conditions, there is substantial evidence to show that topical use of coconut oil can help with a range of skin problems.

Psoriasis and cradle cap

Gently rub a small amount of coconut oil into the scaly patches of cradle cap that can accumulate on a baby’s scalp. Allow the coconut oil to sink in and soften the patches before very gently buffing with the softest baby brush. Do not rub; there’s no need to be rough, if the cradle cap does not remove easily then try again another time (although unsightly, cradle cap is usually harmless). Follow with a gentle hair wash using baby shampoo.

The anti-fungal properties of coconut oil make it a great choice for addressing yeast type infections that can sometimes co-exist with cradle cap and psoriasis. And because coconut oil melts from a solid state into an oil on contact with the skin, it makes for a very gentle soothing massage; sore skin can be soothed without too much of the irritation we can get with heavier emollient creams.


Acne can be a condition exacerbated by over-treatment. Sufferers, in search of the holy grail of skin cleansers, may use a vast array of products to rid themselves of spots but end up drying out the skin and leading the skin to produce yet more oil to compensate. Coconut oil can be a better way to treat acne-prone skin, replenishing moisture and treating existing break outs with its antibacterial properties. Try a hot cloth cleansing treatment by applying coconut oil to the face and neck before gently buffing away with a flannel or muslin and warm water.

Shaving rashes

Try soaking pre-shave skin in a warm bath with an addition of coconut oil. This will bring moisture to the skin while helping to open the hair follicles ready for hair removal. Those anti-bacterial qualities will also help address any ingrowing hairs or razor rashes, too.

Treatments for your feet

You could spend a fortune on foot creams, choosing differing products for cracked heels, callouses and toenail fungal conditions. Using coconut oil will help soften hard skin in preparation for buffing with a pumice stone or foot file, it will also return moisture to the feet once you have treated the offending areas. Massage some coconut oil into your feet before popping on a pair of cotton socks and wearing them overnight; this will help bring some well-needed moisture to your incredibly hard working feet. The anti-fungal properties of coconut oil will also help address any unpleasant foot conditions caused by bacteria.

Choosing your coconut oil

There are many coconut oil products available at the health food store, the pharmacy and the beauty counter, but choose carefully. Ensure the product you choose is pure coconut oil as opposed to a product where coconut oil is merely one ingredient alongside a selection of other (less pure) additives. Shore Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is a pure product that contains only what it says on the label: we promise you won’t find anything nasty or unnatural in our products.

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