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Pamper yourself with coconut oil

Pamper yourself with coconut oil

Coconut is very much of the moment; you can’t turn the page of a newspaper or magazine without reading how healthy coconut oil is to cook with; how great coconut water is at hydrating you and what wonders coconut oil can do hydrating dried and cracked skin. Did you know that it’s also the perfect product to pamper yourself with?

Coconut oil can make a luxurious bath oil the next time you need to sink into a hot tub and soak away the worries of the day. You’ll come out not only feeling relaxed and rejuvenated but also with silky soft and moisturised skin. Just pour around a quarter of a cup of coconut oil into your steaming bath and stay in for as long as you can to reap the maximum benefits.

Make your own bath melts by pouring oil into a mould and placing them in the fridge to set – it’s an easy way to always have your oil portioned out and ready for a stress-relieving soak whenever you need one.

You’ll also find that it makes a perfect massage oil, and as we all know, massage is the perfect way to pamper yourself. If you’re lucky enough to have a loved one with a talent for working the knots out of your back, neck and shoulders you can ask them to use it; if you’re going to a salon then make a point of requesting it.

As well as smelling delicious, like adding it to a bath, using coconut oil as a massage oil will leave you with beautifully soft and hydrated skin. If you suffer from spots and acne on your back you could also find that coconut oil massaged into your skin is a great way to fight it.

Coconut oil boasts antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, so it’s great at tackling the root causes of acne as well as helping to heal any scars that acne on your back may have caused, leaving your skin smooth and clear.

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